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  • Name: Wallace (Mikuri in the Japanese version)
  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Sootopolis Gym Leader (R/S/OR/AS), League Champion (E)
  • Home Region: Hoenn
  • Family: Lisa (niece), unnamed older sister
  • Trainer Classes: Gym Leader (R/S/OR/AS), Champion (E), Pokemon Trainer (B2/W2), Sootopolitan (OR/AS), Coordinator
  • Gym Badge : Rain Badge
  • Type Specialization: Water
  • First Anime Appearance: DP075 (Our Cup Runneth Over!)
  • Seiyuu: Toshiyuki Morikawa
  • Voice Actor: Sean Reyes
  • Notable Quotes

    "My name is Wallace. I'm this town's Gym Leader. I've also been entrusted with the protection of the Cave of Origin. This sunshineR/downpourS is caused by a power emanating from the Cave of Origin. That... That is the Red OrbR/Blue OrbS. I see. Follow me." - (R/S)

    "Allow me to formally introduce myself. I am WALLACE. The GYM LEADER of SOOTOPOLIS. There's something about you... A difference in your demeanor. I think I sense that in you. What happened inside the CAVE OF ORIGIN, and what you did, I will likely learn through our upcoming battle. Now, show me. Show me the power you wield with your POKEMON. And I, in turn, shall present you with a performance of illusions in water by me and my POKEMON!" - (R/S)

    "Bravo. I realize now your authenticity and magnificence as a Pokemon Trainer. I find much joy in having met you and your Pokemon. You have proven yourself worthy of the Rain Badge. Accept it." - (R/S)

    "At times your Pokemon should dance like a spring breeze, and at times they should strike like lightning. I want to feel bedazzled by your masterful performance!" - (B2/W2)

    "< player >, I'm sure you've grown to understand this already. No matter whether you stand in a Pokemon Gym or a Contest Hall, a Trainer who holds to his/her belief in the Pokemon beside him/her... The Pokemon that battles on, believing in the Trainer with whom it stands together... The settings may differ, but their labors come to fruition in a way that honors their bond! There is equal beauty in both!" - (OR/AS)

    Pokemon on Hand

    In the games, Wallace usually keeps a selection of the following Pokemon on hand.

    While these Pokemon shuffled from game to game, Milotic is Wallace's signature Pokemon, and is always kept on hand. In the anime series, Milotic is the only Pokemon we know he has with him. In the Pokemon adventures manga series, Wallace keeps the same sort of selection, with the addition of a Clamperl who makes an appearance. Wallace is frequently shown with his Luvdisc outside the Pokeball in the manga as well.


    In the English version of the game, the name Wallace is given. While some source list the name as coming from 'water', the name Wallace is actually Scottish in origin, and means 'from Wales' or 'Foreigner'. Unless someone is trying to draw parallels between Sootopolis and Wales (seems unlikely), there is not much of a connection here. However, it should be noted that Wales is about 3/4 surrounded by water. It is landlocked by England, but is surrounded greatly by water. Sootopolis and Wales would then both be very water-heavy locations.

    His original name is Mikuri in the Japanese version of the game. The name refers to the plant, the branched bur-reed. The branched bur-reed is a plant that is found around the UK and USA, and grows near or in bodies of water. It is a delicate plant that thrives in environments with calm moving waters, such as slow rivers. Other translations of his name try to play off of the water theme as well.

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