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Why Wallace?

You may be wondering why I chose to make a site about Wallace. To be honest, this is a site I may not have normally thought of creating. I was spurred to do so however, by the Herald Eight Gym Leader Challenge. I really wanted to participate, and thinking back, Wallace was one of the Gym Leaders I have consistently enjoyed the most. This is to say, that I really like a lot of the things that Wallace talks about. A huge part of his character is his idea that Pokemon must be treated with kindness and affection in order to reach their full potential. While it's true that other characters share this view, Wallace is a bit different because of his higher 'standing' in the Pokemon universe. I think he sets an example for Pokemon trainers, with his preaching of unity with Pokemon, and condemning the abusive treatment of them. I can draw parallels here with real life, and the treatment of animals. I'm a huge animal activist, as the people who know me are aware.

I find Wallace to be a noble character in a number of ways. He's a bit unique, and you might not actually think him to be 'noble' right of the bat. I'm thinking noble, by the definition of, "having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals.". He is a morally refined character, caring not only about the well-being of Pokemon, but also of the citizens of Hoenn. He as a Gym Leader does whatever he can to protect his city, and the region as a whole. He is also kind, and caring of the people around him. This extends not just to friends, but acquaintances as well. There are honestly a million things I adore about Wallace, and I am happy I was able to start up a site for him.


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