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"Aquatic illusions best suit my distinctive sense of elegance."

Lucky for us, Wallace's personality does not change much from media to media (games, anime, and manga). He keeps many of the same traits in them all. To begin with, Wallace is a very flamboyant individual. He seems to take great pride in his appearance. He is always well-kept, and dresses very fashionably (at least, according to the Pokemon world. I wouldn't advise anyone IRL to take Wallace's fashion advice.). Wallace himself states in the games that he represents Beauty, as well as Intelligence. This extends to his Pokemon, and the way that they compete together whether in a battle, or a pageant.

"Bravo! I realize now your authenticity and magnificence as a Pokemon Trainer. I find much joy in having met you and your Pokemon."

While I think that Wallace takes great pride in his abilities as a Pokemon Trainer, I do not believe that he is arrogant about it. In fact, I might argue that he is actually quite humble, and takes defeat gracefully. Wallace is even able to praise the trainer after being defeated in the game series. This suggests a very mature outlook that is consistent with his behavior in both the manga series, as well as the anime. Wallace by nature seems to be very dignified, and is not one to lose composure, unless the situation is truly dire.

"You have overcome challenges and made it this far because you worked as one with your Pokemon. Show me that strength here and now!"

Wallace is someone who greatly cares for the happiness of all Pokemon, and not just his own. This is especially true in the manga series, in which he scolds Ruby for yelling at his [Ruby's] Feebas. He does not tolerate abuse towards Pokemon. In the anime, Wallace strongly believes that Pokemon Trainers should spend as much time playing with their Pokemon as possible. He believes that a Pokemon can only reach their greatest potential when given plenty of attention, and love. This is something that he has learned to recognize, as he notes that Dawn's Piplup looks as if it needs to be played with more. This belief extends to the games as well. Wallace believes that a trainer must work hand-in-hand with their Pokemon, to achieve their true potential.

"... Hmph. It seems I have little choice. I bow to the whims of the pampered heir. I, Wallace, will do this thing you wish. Heh."

He also cares greatly for those that he considers to be friends. So much that he is quick [in the manga] to surrender in battle in order to protect the people he cares about, in this case, Winona. Wallace is goods friends with Steven Stone, as well as his fellow gym leaders. They all work together to quell the threat that is being posed by Kyogre and Groudon. This also demonstrates that Wallace takes his responsibility as a gym leader very seriously, and strives to protect both the people and Pokemon of the Hoenn region from threats. As the Gym Leader of Sootopolis city, Wallace also takes on the responsibility of protecting the cave of origins.

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