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Wallace is fair-skinned adult male, who sports turquoise hair and eyes. He is of average height. He has short hair, with his bangs always being parted to his left (sometimes right, in the manga), and with angular side pieces in front of his ears. Despite the fact that he has different outfits, he is always seen with a white beret hat. He does have two main outfits that he wears in all of his appearances.

The first is his original outfit, which is worn in Ruby/Sapphire, the anime, as well as the Ruby/Sapphire chapters of the manga. In these series, he sports long lilac colored pants, along with his signature long sleeved shirt that is a combination of white and turquoise. He wears simple white shoes along with this. Depending on the appearance, he may also be wearing the white/turquoise champion's cloak.

His appearance changes with the introduction of Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. While he still wears his signature white beret, the rest of his attire changes pretty dramatically. Wallace ditches his shirt/pants combo in favor of a more revealing white/turquoise jumpsuit. The jumpsuit shows quite a bit more skin than his previous outfit, as the sides are cut-out in a diamond shape, the front is cut in a deep v-neck down to the waist, and the jumpsuit is sleeveless.

Wallace keeps purple in the look by adding a very short, dark-purple top under the jumpsuit. This look also features a ruffled scarf that in the front gradients from green to turquoise, and is white with many ruffles in the back. This looks sports white sandal-like shoes, and a set of three white bangle bracelets on each arm. It's a pretty dramatic change from the previous look, to be honest. It is also a great deal more complex than the previous outfit. Many people joked that when Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire came out, Wallace also got a 'mega evolution'.

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