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Wallace makes his first appearance in the Pokemon anime, in episode 75 of the Diamond and Pearl series, "Our Cup Runneth Over! / Enter Contest Master Mikuri!!". Surprisingly, his first appearance has Wallace in the Sinnoh region, rather than Hoenn. At this point in time, Wallace had already achieved the title of Champion, which is later implied to have been lost to Steven Stone. He has also achieved the title of Contest Master in the anime. The Wallace Cup contest, which takes place at Lake Valor was created in honor of his achievements.

It is mentioned that he frequently wanders around areas of Kanto and Hoenn in order to hold special contests (the Wallace Cup). He does so to encourage and spread awareness of Pokemon Contests. The reward for winning the Wallace cup is the Aqua ribbon, which can be used in Sinnoh, Kanto, Hoenn, and Johto. Wallace in the anime series is a lot like his game counterpart. He is a pleasant, slightly flamboyant individual who is happy to help others. He is a bit of a celebrity in the Pokemon anime as well, with Dawn noting that every Coordinator would like to meet him at least once.

Wallace in the anime is also a hard worker. As mentioned before, he travels to many areas to open up special contests for trainers. The amount of time and effort it would take to construct these types of events would be huge, which just goes to show how much Wallace enjoys what he is doing. He does take time to relax however, as to not get overworked. On his days off, he likes to spend time with his Pokemon, most notably, his Milotic. Wallace believes that having close contact with ones Pokemon is one of the most important things that a trainer must do. During his time off, he makes a point of spending time with his Milotic, and letting it swim and enjoy free time.

Even when Wallace is enjoying his free time, he is happy to help out other trainers. When Ash, Dawn, and Brock stumble upon him during his break, he is happy to help out Dawn with her performance for the upcoming Wallace Cup Contest. From viewing her performance, he is able to conclude that Dawn had not been spending enough time properly playing with her Pokemon. He believes that Pokemon in contests truly shine not just when they have the proper moves and outfits, but also when they are greatly loved by their trainers. He freely gives tips and advice to those who ask it from him. As a contest coordinator, Wallace is also rather fond of making dramatic entries and exits. We see this frequently in the anime where he will appear alongside his Milotic, using water type moves to make a flashy entrance. He also exits in the same fashion, leaving others to wonder where exactly he went.

While Wallace's main appearances are in the mini Wallace cup arc (DP075-DP079), he makes a couple of cameos later on, and is mentioned on a couple of occasions. Unfortunately, the Hoenn region has not been revisited by the anime since the release of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, so there have been no new appearances to report. We can only hope that he might get more cameo appearances later on, or even a quick cameo in the new Pokemon Generations series of shorts.

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