Serena's Fennekin

In the X and Y anime adaptation, Serena chooses Fennekin as her starter Pokemon. She officially chooses her in episode XY004. Serena did think that the other starters were all cute, but had already made up her mind about Fennekin before she left her home. Fennekin and Serena share a strong bond from the start. When Serena accidentally startles as Vespiquen that she mistook for a person, Fennekin is quick to jump in and defend her trainer with an already impressive Ember attack. She then recovers Serena's hat, which had fallen off during the ordeal and gives it to her.

Serena's Fennekin is without a doubt very brave, and ready to defend her trainer and anyone else in danger. This is seen again when Team Rocket attempts to steal Pikachu, along with many Ryhorn. Fennekin indicates to Serena that she wants to fight in order to save them. Serena believes in her Fennekin, and they fight as a team to foil Team Rockets plans. Fennekin also seems to share in her trainers emotions and often mimics her. In one episode, Serena gives a large stretch after eating breakfast, and Fennekin does the same. Another example is when Serena is baking cookies with Fennekin, and Fennekin copies Serena when she puts her finger to her mouth to indicate a secret. When Serena is happy about something, Fennekin often shares in that happiness and reacts the same way. When Serena is concerned, Fennekin reflects that in her expression.

Serena and Fennekin also seem to share a sense of pride in their appearance and fashion. Serena at the beginning was shown having a hard time picking out what to wear on her journey, and shows a further interest in Pokemon grooming in later episodes. Though Serena already considers her Fennekin to be "Fancy", she handed over Fennekin to be groomed (this was actually a Team Rocket ploy). Though Fennekin complied, she clearly didn't look pleased to be taken away from Serena. It has been said by Serena that she brushes Fennekin every day.

In episode 11 of the XY anime, Fennekin and Serena are separated. Pikachu, Chespin, and Froakie find Fennekin by a stream attempting to groom her tail which was tangled up. Fennekin seems pretty upset that her tail got messed up, and was attempting to clean it. When the others come running up, Fennekin seems a little embarrassed by her tail, and moves it out of the line of sight. Meowth was present along with the others, and translates that Fennekin's "prideful tail" got dirty and she had wanted to clean it. Meowth then comments that Fennekin is "quite the fashionable one". Froakie then uses its foam to clean Fennekin's tail. Fennekin is very grateful, which causes Froakie to blush.

Fennekin loves to stay clean and groomed. When Fennekin is caused to get dirty in the Pokevision episode, she gets angry and blasts the culprit (mainly Ash) with a fire attack in anger. In this same episode, Fennekin is reluctant to escape from Team Rocket by running into an area of water because she doesn't want to get dirty. Serena is quick to run to Fennekin's aid because Fennekin had always protected her. But after Serena is attacked by team rocket, Fennekin runs to Serena's side even though it meant getting all muddy.

Serena's Fennekin also has a bit of a jealous streak. In the XY anime, episode 21 when another Fennekin is called cute by the members of the group, Serena's Fennekin looks quite dejected. Serena quickly picks up her Fennekin in this case, and notes that her Fennekin is just as cute as any other. Fennekin is also quite stubborn, but will often relent if Serena is involved. For example when other Pokemon or members of the group suggest something that Fennekin doesn't quite agree with, she'll turn her nose up and ignore them. But if Serena is also involved in the idea or suggests something, then Fennekin is instantly excited.

We also know that Serena's Fennekin have a love for spicy foods. In one episode, Serena revealed that she makes a super spicy Pokepuff that only Fennekin likes. Ash's Chespin stole one in an episode, and quickly became overwhelmed by the spiciness. Like others of her species, Serena's Fennekin also enjoys eating twigs and has been seen doing so in multiple episodes. Fennekin may also have a love for cooking, as she is almost always out of her Pokeball while Serena is cooking. Though this may just be because Fennekin loves being around Serena, no matter what it is she is doing.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Serena and Fennekin make a wonderful pair and love each other very much. This attachment is further shown in the series whenever Fennekin is released from her Pokeball. She is almost always instantly in Serena's arms being held. With the exception of battles and introductions, this is almost always the case.

Current Move Set

Move Type First Used
Ember Fire XY004
Hidden Power Normal XY021
Flamethrower Fire XY021
Scratch Normal XY038
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