Fire Type

Fennekin is a solely Fire type Pokemon, and its strength lies in its special attack. As a Fire type, Fennekin has a 2x advantage against the following types: Bug, Grass, Ice, and Steel. Fire type moves are resisted by the following: Dragon, Fire, Rock, and Water. Defense wise, the following types will only be half as effective against a Fire type: Bug, Fairy, Fire, Grass, Ice, and Steel. The following types will be doubly effective against Fire types: Ground, Rock, and Water. Fire type Pokemon are also immune to burns for obvious reasons.

Unevolved Fire type Pokemon typically have high special attack/attack stats, which is further boosted by high speed stats. On average, unevolved Fire types excel in the attack, special attack, and speed, with defense being the lowest stat. These stats are roughly the same after evolution, but the special defense gets a boost which places it just above speed. So generally, Fire type Pokemon do very well on attack. Fennekin typically has the ability 'Blaze' which further boosts Fire type moves when HP is low.

While Fennekin will retain its weaknesses, it is also capable of learning moves that aren't just limited to Fire. Fennekin through leveling up, will learn Psychic moves as well. Fennekin will eventually pick up Psychic, which is one of the strongest Psychic moves available. Its learnset also takes advantage of its high special attack stat, and most moves are specials rather than physical. One of the coolest things that Fennekin can learn from a TM is actually Solar Beam, which is a Grass move. Solar Beam is exceptionally powerful, and definitely an interesting move for Fennekin.

Fire type is definitely one of my favorite types, and is great for a front line attacker. Fennekin physically lives up to its typing as well, featuring red coloring, as well as 'flame-like' tufts of fur around its large ears. Fennekin lives up to its fiery type with its feisty attitude, and mannerisms. Fennekin even releases large amounts of heat from its ears. It's definitely a fire type through and through.