Welcome to the main tribute portion of the site. The links below will take you to various different sections. Please note that this site is still a work in progress, so a couple of pages (mainly anime ones) may be slightly out of date. Last updated: 9/21/2017: Added the following pages: Species Overview, Game Locations, Fire Type, Evolution, and Competitive Play.

  • Basics; Basic information and stats, includes Pokedex entries.
  • Species Overview; A look at the species as a whole.
  • Learn set; A guide to the moves that Fennekin can learn in the games.
  • Game Locations; How to acquire your very own Fennekin.
  • Fire Type; A look at Fennekin's typing, and how to use it.
  • Evolution; A look at Fennekin's evolution chain.
  • Competitive Play; Strategy for using Fennekin competitively.
  • Serena's Fennekin; Information on Serena's Fennekin in the XY Anime.
  • Episode Guide; A guide to Fennekin episodes in the XY Anime.