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XY034: Fennekin makes a brief appearance in a flower shop with Serena, making flower arrangements as a method of bonding. Fennekin and Serena make a nice red and yellow flower arrangement, which Serena notes is made to match Fennekin's colors. Clemont accidentally causes an explosion with a flower arrangement device he created, and both Serena and Fennekin are covered in soot with their hair frizzing up.

Surprisingly, Fennekin doesn't look at all surprised or angry at the soot. Just resigned to it (perhaps she has just grown accustomed to this). Fennekin is not seen again this episode after this scene.

XY036: In this episode, Fennekin is released from its Pokeball briefly to become acquainted with Ash's new Hawlucha. Serena politely introduces her Fennekin to Hawlucha, with the two acknowledging each other. Fennekin remains in Serena's arms for a few minutes before the opening credits roll. Fennekin has returned to her Pokeball by the time the credits are over.

Serena later calls out her Fennekin to blast Team Rocket with a flamethrower and their get-away balloon. She does this while Serena is mid-air in a flying suit, by sitting on top of Serena's shoulders. Fennekin remains out of her Pokeball at this point and watches Ash's Fletchling battle an opponent Talonflame. She is seen cheering with the rest of the Pokemon in the group.

XY0037: In this episode, Ash falls into mirror-world accidentally while inside Reflection Cave. He then encounters mirror-world Serena and her Fennekin. Mirror-Serena and regular Ash then have a battle, and mirror-Serena uses her Fennekin. Her Fennekin is different from the regular Fennekin in the sense that it fiercely loves to battle and is considerably more aggressive in tactics. The battle ends in Ash's favor, but then they are attacked by Team Rocket. Mirror-Serena later uses her Fennekin to free mirror-Pikachu and regular Pikachu from Team Rocket.

XY0038: Serena's Fennekin is present in this episode from the beginning. She is out of her Pokeball during lunchtime, waiting for Pokepuffs. Serena is about to offer all of the Pokemon some Pokepuffs, but discovers that they had been stolen out of their container. When asked who could have taken then, Fennekin and the other Pokemon adamantly deny having taken them. Chespin is then revealed to be the culprit, and is shown blowing fire from its mouth after eating Fennekin's super spicy Pokepuffs. Fennekin is left out of her Pokeball during the rest of this episode, later using scratch to help Pikachu escape from vines in the forest.

Event! Serena's Fennekin uses the move scratch.

XY0039: When approached my Shauna who had seen Serena and Fennekin's Pokevision video, Serena lets her Fennekin out in this episode to introduce her to Shauna. Shauna thinks that Fennekin is super cute, and admires how well groomed she is. Fennekin and Pikachu then try to make friends with Shauna's Bulbasaur, but are promptly ignored much to their shock. Both Pikachu and Fennekin as also scorched in the face by Trevor's Charmander, who loves to pick a fight.

Later, Serena and Fennekin face off against Shauna and her Bulbasaur in a battle where Serena has her first debut battle. At the end of the episode, Serena is seen sitting with her Fennekin at a dock brushing her tail. At this point Serena wonders what it is she wants to do from now on, with Fennekin comforting her.

Event! Serena and Fennekin have their first official battle!

XY0040: Serena's Fennekin is out of her Pokeball from the very beginning of this episode. Team Froake (consisting of Ash, Serena, Clemont) are running laps with their Pokemon in preparation for the Pokevision competition later. A Fennekin that belongs to Professor Sycamore makes a cameo in this episode as well, during a Pokevision video. Serena's Fennekin is present while Serena and Bonnie are making Pokepuffs, happily responding when Bonnie asks if her Pokepuffs are cute.

Serena's Fennekin is also shown munching on twigs later in the episode and relaxing in Serena's arms. Fennekin is later seen in team Froakie's Pokevision video as a main character.

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