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XY016: This episode begins with Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie walking through a forest. Fennekin is out of her Pokeball, and is being carried by Serena. Fennekin is busy snacking on a twig, when Serena learns it's not good to give your Pokemon treats all of the time. Serena has Fennekin healed in a Pokemon Center, but she is back in her Pokeball. Fennekin is not seen again this episode.

XY021: This episode focuses around the creation of Pokevision videos. Serena wants to make a Pokevision video with her Fennekin, and have it ranked in the weekly top 10 video rankings. Another Fennekin is featured at the beginning of this episode, and while the other members of the group comment on how cute it is; both Serena and her Fennekin become jealous. Serena quickly points out that her Fennekin is just as cute as any other.

Serena and Fennekin film their Pokevision video together wearing various costumes, and visiting a few different locations. On a few occasions, Ash and Pikachu cause Fennekin to get dirty, and Fennekin in return, usually blasted Ash with a fire attack because she likes to stay clean. This episode is heavily centered on Serena and her Fennekin, and is a must-watch for Fennekin fans!

Event! Serena's Fennekin learns flamethrower in this episode.

XY022: Fennekin only makes a brief appearance in this episode. Serena sends Fennekin out to battle after catching a Corsola on her fishing rod. The Corsola uses something akin to water gun, and Fennekin runs behind Serena to avoid getting wet. Ash and Clemont scold Fennekin for not battling, but Fennekin stubbornly ignores them by turning her head to the side. Serena admits that the battle was very sudden, and she and Fennekin both agree to do their best next time.

XY023: Serena's Fennekin makes a short appearance in this episode to battle Team Rocket's Meowth.

Event! Serena's Fennekin uses the move hidden power.

XY026: This is a big episode for Serena and her Fennekin. It focuses around Serena, Fennekin, and their love for creating pokepuffs. Fennekin is already out of her pokeball at the beginning of this episode. In this episode, Serena enters a pokepuff making contest with her Fennekin as her partner. Serena makes a pink pokepuff in the beginning, with a cute twig topping for Fennekin. They make it to the second round with that pokepuff.

The two of them are attacked by a hoard of Swirlix in the forest while looking for ingredients. Fennekin attempts to use scratch, but is brought down by a string shot like attack. Fennekin escapes with the help of Ash and Pikachu, and is then able to use flamethrower to scare away the rest of the Swirlix. Fennekin again uses flamethrower later in the episode against team rocket.

XY027: Fennekin only makes a brief appearance in this episode to battle team rocket.

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