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XY003: Serena's Fennekin makes its anime debut in episode 3 of XY. In this episode, Serena leaves home and is presented with her choice of one of the three starter Pokemon in Kalos. While this episode ends before she makes her choice, it is her Fennekin that is present.

XY004: In this episode, we get to see Serena officially choose Fennekin as her starter Pokemon. Though Serena thought that all three of the starter Pokemon were cute, she chooses Fennekin and the two happily introduce themselves. At the end of the episode, Serena is carrying Fennekin in her arms. She is lost and trying to find a Pokemon center. She spots a Vespiquen from behind, which she mistakes as a person. When she tries to ask the Vespiquen for directions, the Vespiquen is startled and aims to attack Serena. Fennekin leaps from Serena's arms, and uses an Ember attack to scare away the Vespiquen. Fennekin then retrieves Serena's hat that had fallen off, and brings it to her. Fennekin and Serena meet with Nurse Joy, who directs them to the Pokemon Center. The two happily race there, knowing they won't have to camp outside.

XY005: Serena's Fennekin is very briefly in the beginning this episode. Briefly, Fennekin and Serena are shown eating breakfast at the Pokemon Center together. They then leave together to go find Ash at Santalune City. However, by the time Serena reaches Santalune City, Fennekin is already back in her Pokeball.

XY007: Fennekin is featured in the, "Who's that Pokemon?" segment of this episode. This episode is also very Serena-centric, but Fennekin isn't present until the second half. While everyone else is sleeping at night, Serena and Fennekin are baking cookies. Fennekin is also seen sitting beside Serena, watching Ryhorn races from the stands. Fennekin moves to sit in Serena's lap at some point. When Team Rocket attempts to sabotage the Ryhorn races and steal all of the Ryhorn, Serena and Fennekin along with Bonnie and Clemont run to intervene.

At this point, seeing the other Pokemon and Pikachu captured, Fennekin taps on Serena's leg, indicating that she wishes to fight to save them. Serena sends her forward, and Fennekin launches an Ember attack at Team Rocket. This causes them to lose their remote control (which controls the cages), which is destroyed by Clemont. The day is saved, and Fennekin returns to the praise of Serena. At the end of the episode, Serena introduces her new friends, along with Fennekin to her Mother using the phone.

XY008: This episode is centered around grooming Pokemon. Team Rocket poses as famous groomers in an attempt to steal Pikachu, however, Serena is the one interested in grooming, and leaves Fennekin in their care to be groomed. Jesse takes Fennekin from Serena, and though Fennekin complies, she doesn't seem pleased about being taken from her trainer. After learning that the whole thing was a sham, Serena and the others race back to find the building completely empty, and Fennekin nowhere to be found. After a battle with Team Rocket, Fennekin is rescued and overjoyed to be returned to Serena.

XY009: While breaking into Clemont's Gym, they encounter a Mangeton. Serena sends out Fennekin, who uses Ember. The Magneton splits apart to avoid the Ember attack, and launches an electric attack in return. Ash's Froakie at this point, steps in and defeats the Magneton. Fennekin returns to her Pokeball at this point, and isn't seen again this episode.

XY011: This episode begins with Serena's Fennekin, which is already out of the Pokeball, eating lunch. Fennekin expresses a certain degree of shock when two Pancham steal her food, along with everyone else's food. Clemont's Chespin is pretty depressed having lost its food, so Pikachu, Froakie, and Fennekin walk over in an attempt to comfort it. At that moment, the Pokemon are caught up in Team Rocket's net and taken by surprise. Fighting amongst themselves, Team Rocket manages to blow up their own balloon and send the Pokemon flying.

They all land separately in the forest, but eventually Pikachu, Froakie, Chespin, and Meowth find eachother. They then find Fennekin at a stream, attempting to clean its tail that was messed up in the fall. Froakie then uses its bubbles to clean Fennekin's tail, which makes Fennekin very grateful. This gratitude causes Froakie to blush (hinting that Fennekin may be female). The Pokemon are eventually found by their trainers, with Fennekin leaping into Serena's arms. Fennekin and Serena at this point, are very suspicious of Meowth, and with good reason. Meowth led Team Rocket to a sleeping Pangoro, who they were attempting to kidnap. A battle with Team Rocket takes place, and Fennekin along with the others are trapped by Jessie's Pumpkaboo, who uses leech seed. Pangoro ends up being the one to save the day, and Fennekin is last seen being carried by Serena.

XY012: Fennekin is not present in the episode, but does appear at the end as a part of Professor Oak's Pokemon Holo Caster.

XY013: Serena's Fennekin appears very briefly in this episode, being released to play with some school children. Fennekin is shown being petted by children, and Serena comments that she brushes Fennekin's fur every day. Fennekin has a couple of other shots, but nothing notable.

XY015: Serena's Fennekin appears in this episode. A Delphox also makes an appearance. Fennekin is shown at the beginning eating dinner with the rest of the groups Pokemon. Fennekin does not appear again in this episode, but a Delphox is featured.

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