When did it begin?

My love for Pokemon in general began in 1998, when I received my first ever video game that was only mine: Pokemon Blue. I was just eight years old at the time, and spent most of my days in the hospital. Pokemon was a blessing for me during this time. There wasn't much to do when I was in the hospital aside from watching movies and playing board games when someone was around. But when other obligations called my family members, I was alone without much to do. The original GameBoy and Pokemon Blue changed all of this. I was obsessed, right from the start. I played almost constantly, trying to level up my Pokemon and beat gym leaders.

Enter Eevee

Although Squirtle was my first Pokemon, my Eevee from Celadon city was my favorite. I was eight years old at the time, so anything cute was instantly a keeper. I certainly didn't care that my team was dysfunctional, as long as they were all cute. Eight-year-old logic at its finest. I loved my Eevee so much, so I kept it an Eevee for as long as I could (once I realized it would evolve with stones). Eventually, I did realize that I needed to have a fire type Pokemon, so my very first Eevee became a Flareon. My Flareon was great, and led me to eventually beat the game for the very first time. But I always missed my adorable little Eevee. From then on, I was completely obsessed!


Then came the time when the Pokemon anime started airing on KidsWB in the USA. This was around 1999-2000, which was 15 years ago (holy cow!). It's crazy to think about, but the years of the Pokemon anime were probably the peak of my childhood obsession. I remember watching the battling Eevee brothers, and arguing with my own sibling about which Eeveelution was the best! I always chose Flareon, my Sister loved Vaporeon, and my Brother favored Jolteon. I had my favorite Eeveelution, but I always preferred Eevee in its unevolved form the most.

My Sister and I had endless wars about who got the stuffed Eevee or Eevee card when we went to our local trading card store. It was actually really hard to find Pokemon stuff aside from cards at the time, so when we did find that lone stuffed Eevee, we had a war over it. I actually lost that war, and had to settle with a Clefairy instead. This was a common theme somehow.

I remember this one extremely sparkly and shiny Eevee card (that was actually a sticker). I wanted it so terribly when I saw it, but my Mom wouldn't buy it for me. I was disappointed, but things go on. A day later, my Mom comes home with my Sister, who had that blasted sticker. It's a pretty laughable story to talk about with them now, but I was so mad it was ridiculous. All over an Eevee sticker! I probably didn't talk to my sister for two days because of it. Actual photo of guilty card is to your right.


I loved Eevee mostly for its cuteness when I was little. I still of course love how cute Eevee is, but I also recognize and love Eevee's potential as a Pokemon. Eevee is as versatile as it gets. As a Flareon, a fantastic physical opponent. As an Umbreon, a great defender. But Eevee and its evolutions are not confined to these roles. I know that many people (myself included) don't play an immensely strategic game, but just for fun without any intense thought put into it. My Shiny Eevee named Polaris for example, remained an Eevee and a valued member of my team. This isn't just because I spent over a hundred hours trying to get her, but because she could also kick some serious butt! She is my XY darling along with my Fennekin. But she continued to be strong and gain experience as an Eevee. She didn't have to evolve to find a place on my team.

Now let me set the record straight: I love ALL eeveelutions. All of them. Every single one. Love. I always have one of each of them in whatever game I play. My entire team in Soul Silver consisted of eeveelutions and nothing else. But whenever possible, I try to keep my original Eevee unevolved. There is just such a cute charm about this Pokemon, and it's so endearing. You always want to cheer the little cutie on, even if it's your opponent! But the possibilities once evolved cannot be ignored.

My Glaceon I used in Soul Silver (had to trade it to evolve it, yes) was one of the best Pokemon I think I have ever had. He just laid down the hurting on whatever crossed his path. He was one majestic badass. At this point in time it's completely safe to say that when it comes to eeveelutions, Glaceon is my favorite. I actually seem to be a minority in this regard, as most people I know favor Espeon or Vaporeon. But as I said, I love all Eeveelutions. It always frustrates me when I'm asked which one is my least favorite. It is such an unfair question, since I adore them all! And least favorite to me, implies a dislike.

But even now I love everything about Eevee, and I continue to collect Eevee merchandise. I think my cards are my biggest collection, where I've filled out so many pages with just Eevee/lution cards. But I also especially love plush. Pokedolls are a must, and my Eevee canvas plush cannot be matched in its cuteness! To check out all of the cute Eevee things I've amassed over the years, just head on over to the collection part of the site.

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