Name: Vaporeon (Showers)
Type: Water
Pokedex Number: 134
Species Name: Bubble Jet Pokemon
Abilities: Water Absorb, or Hydration (Hidden Ability)
Gender Ratio: 87.5% Male, 12.5% Female
Height: 3'03" / 1.0M
Weight: 63.9 lbs / 29.0kg
Notable Pokedex Entry: Vaporeon underwent a spontaneous mutation and grew fins and gills that allow it to live underwater. This Pokemon has the ability to freely control water.

Using Vaporeon

For breeding, and training Vaporeon I recommend checking out the Smogon Vaporeon Page. Smogon is one of the best resources for planning your team and training competitive Pokemon. While I don't play competitively, I can recommend the Hydration Tank set, which greatly emphasizes Vaporeon's special attack capabilities:

  • Vaporeon With a Life Orb
  • Ability: Hydration
  • EVs: 212 Def / 252 SpA / 44 Spe
  • Modest Nature
  • - Hydro Pump
  • - Ice Beam
  • - Hidden Power Grass
  • - Rest

    Obtain Vaporeon

    Method of Evolution: To evolve an Eevee into a Vaporeon, you simply use a Water Stone. A list of Water Stone Locations is listed below. These are very general locations, if you need detailed instructions for each game, then I suggest google. If you don't already have an Eevee, head on over to Eevee game locations.

    R/B/Y/FR/LG: A water stone can be purchased on the 4th floor of the Celadon City Department Store. It costs $2100. A pair of water stones can also be found in the Seafoam Islands in Fire Red and Leaf Green. However, it is easier just to purchase them.

    G/S/C/HG/SS: Multiple water stones can be obtained in these games. The best and easiest way to receive a water stone, is to get it from Bill's Grandfather in Fuchsia City. To receive the stone, you must show him either a Staryu, or a Marill (HG only).

    R/S/E: Water stones can be obtained two ways in this game, but both require the HM Dive. One can be found in room 3 of the abandoned ship off of route 108. The second way to get a water stone is to exchange blue shards with the Diving Treasure Hunter. He can be found on Route 124.

    D/P/Pt: Water Stones can occasionally be found in the Underground. If you have the HM Surf, a water stone can be found near the southern part of Route 213. In Platinum only, a water stone can be found in the Solaceon Ruins.

    B/W: On a pier south of Castelia City's entrance, you can receive a water stone from a man as a gift. If you have the HM Surf, you can surf on the beach at Driftveil City to a lighthouse. A water stone can be found on the beach by that lighthouse. You also have a 10% chance of finding any kind of stone in Dust Clouds.

    B2/W2: If you have the HM Surf, a water stone can be found on Route 19. Surf can be used on the northern part of this route. Like in Black and White, you still have a 10% chance of finding a stone in a Dust Cloud. Using the hidden item detector, a water stone can also be found in Clay Tunnel.

    X/Y: The easiest way to obtain a water stone in X and Y, is to buy one at the Stone Emporium in Lumiose City. A water stone will cost you $2,100. If you don't want to buy one, one can also be found on Route 8, but requires the HM Strength to access. There is also a hidden water stone on Route 12, but it requires the HM Surf to get to.

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