Famous Eevee Trainers

While Eevee occasionally make an appearance or cameo in the Pokemon anime, there are several notable Eevee who have storylines along with their trainers. Listed below are a few of those trainers, but certainly not all of them.

Gary's Eevee

Among famous Eevee and their owners, we have Gary Oak and his Eevee. Gary Oak is Ash Ketchum's long-time rival and sometimes friend. His Eevee makes its first appearance in episode 116 of the Pokemon anime: The Rivalry Revival. The gender of Gary's Eevee is unknown. When meeting up with Ash again after a long while, Gary used his Eevee in a battle against Ash's Pikachu. Brock noted that Eevee had a shiny coat and bright eyes, and that Gary had raised it very well. It was not to be underestimated. Eevee was shown using Reflect, Double Team, Take Down, and Skull Bash. Using this combination of moves, Gary's Eevee was able to defeat Pikachu in battle while taking only minimal damage. During this battle, Eevee is shown to be extremely alert and prepared to battle. Eevee is quick to respond to all of Gary's commands, and their teamwork ultimately allowed Eevee to win.

After their battle, Gary was quick to call over his Eevee and praise it for a job well done. Gary obviously really loves his Eevee, and was shown to be very affectionate with it. Gary loved his Eevee so much, that it later evolved into an Umbreon. The affection that Gary had for Eevee remains after it evolved into an Umbreon. Gary is still seen affectionately patting Umbreon on the head after a battle, a job well done. Gary's Umbreon continued to be one of his best team members. Gary keeps Umbreon with him during almost all of his appearances. Personality wise, Umbreon is shown to be very similar to its owner Gary. Confident, cool, and sometimes just a little bit stuck up. Gary takes extremely good care of his Umbreon, even Brock notes that Umbreon still has an exceptionally smooth and shiny coat. This is likely from grooming, and generally good care.

Umbreon is shown to be a smart and strong Pokemon, likely due to its upbringing. Umbreon is also exceptionally agile, and capable dodging almost all attacks thrown its way. The only time Umbreon has ever been hit on screen was during its most recent appearance. Otherwise, no one had been able to land an attack on Umbreon. This is due to not just Umbreon's agility, but also its ability to study and react to other Pokemon attacks. This is something that Gary taught Umbreon. Good episodes to watch if you want to see Umbreon in action would be: Power Play (171), Ill Will Hunting (DP045), and Fighting Fear with Fear! (DP085). It has been a long while since we've seen Gary or his Umbreon, so hopefully we will get to see them again soon.

Known Moves
Eevee: Reflect, Double Team, Take Down, Skull Bash
Umbreon: Tackle, Quick Attack, Hidden Power, Flash, Sand Attack, Shadow Ball, Psychic

May's Eevee

May was given a Pokemon Egg in the anime, which hatched into an Eevee after about seven episodes. May's Eevee exhibits many attributes that seem to be common in the species. Her Eevee is energetic, almost excessively so. It has been seen running laps around May just to burn off some energy. It also has a habit of using dig and randomly popping out of the ground, which often startles strangers and friends alike (namely Ash). Being a newly hatched Pokemon, Eevee has been shown to be fascinated with many things around it.

Eevee taught itself the move dig, and surprised May with it right before a contest. May entered her Eevee in multiple contests during the course of the series, and they have won contests as a team. May's Eevee has also shown battle prowess, and can work alongside May's other Pokemon with relative ease. May's Eevee eventually evolved into a Glaceon. As a Glaceon, its demeaner changed to become more headstrong but also serious. Glaceon takes contests very seriously, and has shown disappointment in losing. However, May always reassures Glaceon that they did a wonderful job and that she is proud of her Pokemon. Some notable episodes featuring May and her Eevee include: Time Warp Heals All Wounds (AG157), What I Did for Love! (AG167), and Strategy with a Smile! (DP079).

Known Moves
Eevee: Shadow Ball, Dig, Tackle
Glaceon: Ice Beam, Iron Tail, Secret Power, Ice Shard, Mirror Coat

Red's Eevee

Red has an Eevee named 'Vee' in the Pokemon Adventures manga series. Vee is a male Eevee, who was experimented on by Team Rocket. The experimentation allowed for Vee to freely evolve into any of its generation I evolutions (Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon), and then devolve back into an Eevee. This Eevee in particular was exceptionally smart. He was able to sense out the type of opponent Pokemon, and then evolve into the Eeveelution that had the type advantage. This was something he learned on his own, and was not taught by Red. Red was eventually able to catch Vee, and cares very deeply for him.

Because Vee was experimented on by Team Rocket, he had a harder time accepting people. This was further reinforced when Vee was captured by Team Rocket for a second time. When Vee finally evolved into an Espeon, it was symbolic in that Vee finally accepted and came to trust Red. Once Vee became on Espeon, he lost the ability to devolve and became a normal Espeon. This is something that Red believed to be for the best.

Known Moves
Vaporeon: Acid Armor
Jolteon: Pin Missile
Espeon: Morning Sun, Psychic, Psych Up

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