Virgil and Team Eevee

Virgil is famous to Eevee lovers. He is a rescue worker, and his Pokemon Rescue team consists of Eevee, and one of each Eeveelution (minus Sylveon). Virgil had his first Eevee as a child. He became lost in the woods at night with just his Eevee at his side. Eevee then evolved into an Umbreon, and used the move flash to help guide the way home. It was this experience in his childhood that urged Virgil to create an entire team Eevee, as he feels a close connection with the species. Virgil's team consists of a male Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, and Glaceon. His only female Pokemon is his currently unevolved Eevee, who only recently joined his rescue team.

While Virgil's evolved Eeveelutions are all seemingly calm and very job oriented, Eevee is still young and quite energetic. Eevee is very loving, and is constantly out of her Pokeball and always at Virgil's side. She is still very young, and Virgil even admits that she is a bit spoiled. When she isn't running around, she is often seen being held and cuddled by Virgil. Eevee is also extremely defensive of Virgil. During the Prologue to Mewtwo, an young girl named Anna made a comment on how the mystery Pokemon (Mewtwo) might be a better rescuer than Virgil. Eevee immediately became angry, and loudly scolded Anna in Virgil's defense. Eevee was quick to accept Anna's apology, but this moment demonstrated how devoted Eevee is to Virgil.

Though still young, Eevee is a quick thinker. She was able to dig a tunnel on her own and rescue Virgil's brother when he was trapped. She also uses assist moves without having to be told to do so. Eevee has also shown her battle prowess at the Unova league, where she was Virgil's final Pokemon in the championship match. She was able to use a combination of Dig, Iron Tail, and Trump Card to overwhelm the enemy Druddigon and win the match.

Virgil is exceptionally skilled at using his rescue team. They were all raised and evolved to perform a specific rescue task, and they are committed to that duty. All of them work very well as a team, and are prepared to help each other out. His Eeveelutions are also trained to preform unique attack combinations. An example of this is when Glaceon and Umbreon used Icy Wind and Psychic to create an icy key to unlock a door. Eevee also used Helping Hand with Flareon to defeat a pack of rogue Cryogonal, and also used the move Protect to protect her companions. Team Eevee is also trained to react to all kinds of emergency situations, such as fires and rescue missions.

Virgil along with team Eevee, entered the Unova league competition. In this competition, Virgil is shown to be an extremely talented trainer. He strategically uses his Eeveelutions to eventually win the Unova league. During this time period we get to see a lot from Virgil, including sweet moments between him and his team. His affection and habit of holding Eevee extends to the other members of his team. Flareon is seen sitting on his shoulder after winning the semifinal match, which leads me to believe that this is a habit of all of his Pokemon.

Eevee was given the choice of which Eeveelution she would like to evolve into, but she became quite overwhelmed at the question. Ultimately, Virgil praised Eevee saying that she helped them all out just by being herself. That she was perfect as she was, implying that Eevee will not be evolving any time soon.

Known Moves
Eevee: Helping Hand, Protect, Dig, Iron Tail, Trump Card, Sand Attack.
Flareon: Flamethrower, Double Team, Fire Blast
Vaporeon: Bubble Beam, Shadow Ball, Hydro Pump, Aurora Beam
Jolteon: Thunderbolt
Espeon: Psychic
Umbreon: Flash, Psychic, Shadow Ball
Glaceon: Icy Wind, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Sand Attack
Leafeon: Sand Attack

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