Eevee as a Species

What is Eevee, anyways? Eevee is a wonderful and precious conglomerate of everything cute in the world. But in all actuality, Eevee is no one thing, but in fact a mixture of many different things. Eevee is a quadrupedal mammal, roughly the size of a small dog. Each of Eevee's paws has one circular pink pawpad. At first glance, Eevee has many fox-like qualities, such as the fluffy coat and large bushy tail. The muzzle and profile are similar to that of a fennec fox. The ears are surprisingly rabbit-like being tall and narrow that sit on the head. Eevee also has a rough patch of fur on the top of its head. The color of Eevee's eyes do vary depending on the artwork, but are usually depicted as a brown, or purple.

Overall, Eevee has a very cute and fox-like appearance. This is of course open to interpretation, and does cause argument from time to time. Some argue that Eevee is more dog-like, or even rabbit-like. Some even see traits of cats. These arguments are sometimes fueled by the appearances of Eevee's evolutions. The cat argument is brought up frequently when referencing Espeon, who has clearly feline features. However, I think that the general consensus is that Eevee resembles a fox more than any other animal.


Eevee in its shiny form is a silvery-grey color, with the light tufts of fur being white. Like all shiny Pokemon, when a shiny Eevee is released from its Pokeball, a sparkle animation occurs. In my personal opinion, I think that Eevee is one of the most adorable shiny Pokemon. Many shinies don't really show much of a change, but a shiny Eevee is very distinctive, and not awkwardly colored at all (unlike many Pokemon).

The odds of obtaining a shiny Eevee are very low, but it can be done if you are dedicated enough. Shiny Pokemon cannot be obtained in Gen I, but can be obtained afterwards. Generally, the odds of obtaining a shiny Pokemon is about 1 in 8,192. In later generations, there are things you can do to better these odds. The 'shiny charm' item increases the odds to 1 in 2,370.6, and can work in conjunction with other methods. Google is your friend in determining the best method for each game. I do however, strongly suggest the friend safari in X/Y. If you can find a friend with a normal/Eevee safari, then your odds are greatly increase. The friend safari has increased odds of 1 out of 512. I can personally attest to this method working, as I found a shiny Eevee within 45 minutes of hunting.

Personality Traits

Though the demeanor and actions of each Eevee would be different depending on how it was raised (much like dogs or other animals), the species have been depicted as being extremely friendly and carefree. Much like a dog, Eevee's have been depicted as being extremely loving, and growing very attached to their owners (such as Mikey, Gary, May, Virgil, and Serena). They are very loyal, and have been shown to be fast learners. Many Eevee seem to be eager to please their trainer, which no doubt contributes to their train-ability.

They have also been depicted as being very playful, as well as excitable. May's Eevee for example, has been shown running around in circles around her in order to burn off some energy. Virgil's Eevee is also extremely active, though less 'hyper'active and more work based. I personally think that Eevee is the type of Pokemon who is happy to have a 'job'. Much like working dogs, Eevee as a species have a lot of energy. If that energy isn't focused, it can lead to boredom, and possibly destructive behavior.

When the time comes for battle Eevee's demeanor can quickly change from aloof to serious. Because they are such fast learners, they can excel on the battlefield if given proper training. Almost all of the Eevee's depicted in the anime have the same cute and aloof attitude, but they quickly change to alert and serious in the event of a battle.

The only huge exception I can think of in regards to Eevee's demeanor, would be Serena's Eevee. While her Eevee did always display some of the characteristics of a typical Eevee (aloof, carefree), it also experiences bouts of general wariness to people, and can be easily frightened in certain situations. Serena does work with Eevee to overcome this fearfulness.

Because of their trainability and versatility, Eevee and its evolutions have been used for many occupations. Virgil has a rescue squad, which consists of only Eevee/lutions. In one episode, a Jolteon has been shown as a working Pokemon, herding Magnemite much like dogs herd sheep. Vaporeon have been known to work alongside Firefighters, much like the stereotypical Dalmatian. Sylveon has been shown working alongside children at a school, acting much like a nanny or caregiver. Eevee and its evolutions can take on many different roles, which is just one more reason that the species is so special.

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