Joining the Team

Serena became the single best Pokemon trainer ever in my book, when she added an Eevee to her team (Eevee + Fennekin = best team ever.). There is no official confirmation on the gender of Serena's Eevee at this time. Serena first encounters the wild Eevee in episode 088 of the XY series. While relaxing and enjoying a large meadow with plenty of Pokemon and flowers, Serena and Bonnie unexpectedly stumble upon an Eevee. Eevee, not knowing that anyone is there, is dancing playfully on a large flat stone that serves as a stage. Serena immediately notices the Eevee's fondness for dancing, but before she could do anything, Ash calls her name which frightens the Eevee away. Serena feels inspired by the way Eevee dances, and wants to see it again. So the team resolves to find Eevee again (and not startle it this time!). Little do they know that Jessie and Team Rocket are also after the dancing Eevee.

The group splits into smaller groups to look for Eevee. As Serena calls for Eevee (who is avoiding them), she nearly steps off a ledge to a deep fall. Eevee witnesses this happening, and lets out a yell to get Serena's attention and save her. Eevee quickly darts away after this. Similar close encounters happen with the rest of the group, but ultimately don't lead to a capture. After giving up for the day, Serena finds Eevee once again by chance at night, while Eevee is dancing again on her stone stage. Serena wonders how she can become friends with Eevee without scaring it.

The next day, a plan is hatched! Serena, Braixen, and Pancham put on a performance on Eevee's stage in order to get its attention. The curious Eevee couldn't help but be attracted to the commotion, and watches the performance. Serena asks Eevee to join her team, which Eevee considers. But before a decision can be made, Team Rocket captures Eevee. Serena puts herself at great risk to rescue Eevee, and Eevee returns the favor by using the moves Protect and Swift against Team Rocket. After the conflict, Eevee decides to travel with Serena from then on.


Serena's Eevee is extremely shy, or even scared around both people and Pokemon. This made it very difficult for Eevee to be caught in its original appearance. It's extremely possible that Eevee is wary of strangers, but can quickly warm up to other people or Pokemon in special cases. Eevee is quite attached to Clemont's Bunnelby, who Eevee hides behind when it becomes scared. Eevee is also quite afraid around Clemont's Chespin, which is probably due to its outgoing and loud personality. In episode 089 of XY, the extreme extent of Eevee's shyness/fear is shown, and attempts are made to help Eevee come to accept other Pokemon and people. Although very shy, Eevee has a caring side as well. Eevee showed great concern for Serena's well-being when she nearly stepped off a cliff while searching for Eevee. And once captured Eevee is quite happy to spend time being held by Serena.

Eevee also seems to have a great passion for dancing, which it can be seen doing on multiple occasions. Eevee is a natural born performer (despite being afraid of people and Pokemon), and is very talented at dancing. So much so, that it immediately attracted Serena's attention, and inspired her to continue working on her own performances with Braixen and Pancham. Along with this love for performing, Eevee has a love for things pretty, as shown when it eagerly took the flower crown Serena had left as a thank you. The shyness does present a problem for Eevee entering the competition world, as the competitions take place in front of lots of people. This is something that Eevee and Serena are working on together, with the help of Ash, Bonnie, and Clemont.

Eevee is also very agile and quick. It is able to quickly flee from people and Pokemon alike. But its agility is also shown in the way that it dances, using many twists, turns, and flips. Eevee has also been shown quickly jumping across treetops and limbs, which I believe is a first in this series. This agility is also useful in battle, and Eevee makes use of it when learning to battle properly alongside Serena.

Known Moves: Protect, Swift
As Sylveon: Fairy Wind


Serena's Eevee evolves in the episode: Party Dancecapades! (XY105). Serena attends a large dance party with her Eevee. Eevee does show anxiousness in being around so many Pokemon and trainers, but is able to enjoy itself nonetheless. The main event of the party turns out to be a tag battle, in which Ash and Serena are teamed up against the disguised Team Rocket. The battle is intense, and both Pikachu and Eevee end up being injured. As Serena comforts her injured Eevee by petting it, and offering encouraging words, Eevee evolves into Sylveon. The newly evolved Sylveon is able to use its dancing skills in battle, and avoids all attacks thrown its way. Sylveon was then able to defeat the opponent, and earned Serena and Ash the win.

As a Sylveon, there is still some degree of self doubt. This is seen in the first contest that Serena enters Sylveon into. When Sylveon was still an Eevee, it accidentally messed up its debut, and Sylveon retains the worry that it might happen again. These worries turn out to be unfounded, as Sylveon puts on a marvelous show and earns Serena the contest win. Sylveon works very well with Braixen and Pancham, and the three are able to put on spectacular performances.

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