Name Origin

Credit to Bulbapedia The origin of 'Eevee' as well as 'Eievui' are a reference to the word 'evolution'. Even in different translations of the game, the name that Eevee is given is always derived from the word evolution. This could not possibly be more fitting. Eevee as a species is known as the Evolution Pokemon. This title is well deserved, as we can see that Eevee has more evolution variations than any other Pokemon. At the moment, Eevee can evolve into eight different types of Pokemon. I expect to see in the future that more evolutions and types will be added (or at least, I hope).

Eevee as a Pokemon is basically destined to evolve to reach its full potential. This isn't to say that Eevee can't be utilized without evolving, it is just more difficult. By utilizing evolution, Eevee is able to become what its trainer needs to complete a team. That is one reason why Eevee as a Pokemon is so special. It can fill the role most needed in a team by simply evolving. Want a strong attacker? Flareon has the highest attack stat. Need a defensive role? Leafeon has you covered, or even Vaporeon with its high HP stat. Each evolution brings something new to the table. And even if you aren't aiming for a perfect attack fighter, evolving an Eevee is a quick and efficient way to fill typing gaps.

So in a nutshell, 'Eevee' is just a play on the word 'evolution'. Although that seems simple, it really is indicative of what Eevee can do for a team.

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