Pokemon GO

With the release of Pokemon GO, it is now possible catch, and evolve Eevee on your smartphone. Eevee is actually a very common Pokemon in the game, and can be found in residential areas, universities, and even parking lots. If you do even a little bit of searching, you should be able to find yourself an Eevee without too much trouble. Eevee can also be hatched from a 5K egg (it used to be 10k eggs, but this was changed in an update). As one of the original 151 Pokemon, Eevee was immediately available to catch with the release of the game. Here are some of the in-game statistics for Eevee:

  • HP: 98
  • ATK: 104
  • DEF: 121
  • STAM: 110
  • MAX CP: 969
  • Flee Rate: 10%
  • Capture Rate: 32%
  • Global Spawn Rate: 2.75%

    Much like in the games, Eevee is not the best Pokemon to use if you intend on capturing Gyms. Eevee's greatest potential lies in its evolution. Eevee requires 25 candies to evolve, which is fairly few. To obtain more candy, you can catch more Eevee's, turn them into candy, or select Eevee as your 'buddy'. If Eevee is your buddy, then every 5K you walk with the game, you will receive an Eevee candy. The fun part about this, is that Eevee is small enough that it will sit on your avatars shoulder in the character screen if selected as a buddy. I personally am a bit of an Eevee hoarder in the game. I blame it on being Team Instinct, and hatching ridiculous amounts of eggs. But you can expand the number of Pokemon your bag can hold, so it's totally fine.


    Evolving your Eevee into one of the various Eeveelutions is going to be fairly easy the first time around. Currently, Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Espeon, and Umbreon are available evolutions in the game. In order to get the evolution you want, there is a naming trick. To use this trick (Warning: It only works once per evolution), you simply name the Eevee you want to evolve one of the following names:

  • Rainer = Vaporeon
  • Sparky = Jolteon
  • Pyro = Flareon
  • Sakura = Espeon
  • Tamao = Umbreon

    I then recommend that you close out the app, and re-open before forcing the evolution. This trick works only once per evolution, once you have used the name, you can't use it again to activate the trick. Outside of this method, what your Eevee will evolve into will be randomized unless certain conditions are met. There is not currently a way to guarantee Flareon, Jolteon, or Vaporeon. For Espeon and Umbreon, there is a day/night method that should ensure you receive them:

  • The Eevee must be your buddy.
  • You must walk 10K/receive two candy from your buddy.
  • After meeting these conditions, you evolve Eevee during the day for Espeon, and at night for Umbreon.

    Gym Battles

    While Eevee itself is not particularly good to use for Gym Battles, its evolutions have great potential. Vaporeon in particular is a very popular choice for attacking, and defending gyms. This is because Vaporeon has high DPS (damage per second) stats, allowing it to cause damage very quickly. Vaporeon used to have even higher DPS stats, but eventually had to be nerfed by the games creators. Vaporeon is currently considered to be a Tier 3 Gym Defender. This is very, very good, with only six Pokemon ranking above it. From an attack standpoint, Vaporeon is a Tier 1 Gym Attacker. As a frequent player, I can back this assessment and confirm that Vaporeon works extremely well when both attacking and defending.

    Flareon and Jolteon are both considered to be Tier 3 Gym Attackers, but do not place as Gym Defenders. Flareon in particular will have a hard time as an attacker, just because a huge amount of recommended defenders are Water type, which puts Flareon at a huge disadvantage. Jolteon works well against Water types and can absolutely demolish a Gyarados. However, the Electric moves it uses are not going to be very effective against other opponents. Placed in the right match, it can do well. You just have to be smart about who you are battling.

    Espeon is considered to be Tier 3.5 in Gym Defending. That's not bad, but not fantastic either. Espeon has a really good attack stat, and can certainly deal some damage, especially against the ever-annoying Machamp. Its high CP stat is also very helpful. However, Espeon has a lower defense, which means it can be taken out more quickly than other defenders. The high HP sort-of makes up for that, but not entirely. Umbreon has been placed in Tier 4 in Gym Defending. It will take a longer time for Umbreon to be brought down, but Umbreon's attack stat is just awful. It will also struggle against many of the most common Gym attackers, such Machamp or Heracross.

    Generally speaking, while all of the Eeveelutions thus far have their uses, Vaporeon is by far the best choice for Gym battling. The others can be effective if used in the right situation, but you need to be very careful about it.

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