Hello, and welcome to Bright Possibility, a small shrine dedicated to the adorable Pokemon Eevee! Why make a shrine for Eevee you ask? Well, why not? Eevee has been one of my absolute favorite Pokemon ever since Pokemon Blue came out in the United States. Eevee and its evolutions have consistently been staple team members, and it's about time that I made something in tribute of this little cutie. This site is still up and coming, so please bear with me while I write more and more.

This site will mostly be focused around little Eevee, but I will be including information on each of its evolutions as well. If you have any questions or concerns, I can be reach at Iwearahalo(@)gmail.com.


10/26/2015: I added a section to cover Serena's new Eevee in the XY anime, and I updated the episode guide to cover recent XY episodes that have tons of Eevee! I highly recommend watching these episodes when you have the chance, as they are super cute and include tons of Eevee.

4/28/2015: I have uploaded the collection section. You can now view most of my Eevee collection online! Aside from that, I have also added a link above to the Evolution web- ring for Eeveelutions. Check it out when you have the time!

4/13/2015: Everything is up and running aside from the name and collection sections. The media section is still sorely lacking, but I will keep working on this during the week. Except more soon!

4/11/2015: The layout is currently in the process of being coded. The css has just about been completed, just a few little touches are needed. I hope to have something up and running within the next couple of days, but I can make no promises.