Hello, and welcome to Bright Possibility, a small shrine dedicated to the adorable Pokemon Eevee! Why make a shrine for Eevee you ask? Well, why not? Eevee has been one of my absolute favorite Pokemon ever since Pokemon Blue came out in the United States. Eevee and its evolutions have consistently been staple team members, and it's about time that I made something in tribute of this little cutie. This site is still up and coming, so please bear with me while I write more and more. This site will mostly be focused around little Eevee, but I will be including information on each of its evolutions as well.

Bright Possibility is also home to the AnimeFanlistings.com approved fanlisting for Eevee. If you happen to be a fan, please consider joining. Navigation can be found above. If you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached at Iwearahalo(@)gmail.com.

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3/15/2017: Major updates have been made! I have gone through and done a bit of spell checking with my old sections. I have uploaded the following sections: Name Origin, Normal Type, and Pokemon GO. Along with these new pages, I have updated the section on Serena's Eevee, and the Species Overview. The sections about Eeveelutions, as well as my Collection have been separated from the main 'Eevee' page. The collection pages have been greatly updated. I have also added the TAFL approved fanlisting for Eevee. Lastly, a new layout has been uploaded.

I do not own Eevee, nor do I claim to. Characters, images, and anything else are © their respectful owners. This is a non-profit fansite. Please do not take any of my content without asking first.