Welcome to the collection portion of the site. Use the links below to access different areas of merchandise. These pages will all be updated with collection items that I own, which includes pictures.

  • Plush Guide; a guide to Fennekin plush items. Includes toys, cushions & plush keychains.
  • Bag Guide; A guide to Fennekin bags, purses, and pouches.
  • Accessory Guide; Accessories such as buttons, keychains, pens, etc.
  • Figure Guide; A guide to Fennekin figures.
  • Card Guide; A guide to all Fennekin trading cards.
  • Miscellaneous Guide; A guide to anything that doesn't fit into the above categories.
  • One of a kind / Custom; A guide to things I have had made, or have bought from talented artists.

  • Item of the now